Monday, April 18, 2011

hasselback potatoes

Say hello to the easiest potato dish ever! Yet somehow so impressive, with the fanned out slices of roast potato. These tiny taters are perfect party food, ready to be nestled in the corner of your plate piled with pot luck goodies. They are from my new-to-me Nigella Lawson cookbook, Forever Summer. Nigella's recipe is simple and unfussy, but contains a gem-like tip for slicing the potatoes for this recipe.

The way to cut these fantastic hedgehog slices of potatoes is to set them one at a time in a dessert spoon and then slice downwards, until the knife hits the spoon. As the potatoes cook, the slices relax outwards and are pretty enough to form a party centerpiece. These potatoes are my entry to Forever Nigella, hosted by Mardi at Eat Live Travel Write. Thanks to Sarah at Maison Cupcake I tried out my first Nigella recipe, a delicious broccoli and blue cheese soup a couple of months ago, and now that I have a cookbook I see many Nigella successes are in my future.

Visit the Nigella website for the recipe for Hasselback potatoes.


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