Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Making kombucha at home

To make kombucha at home, you need a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) from someone else. Maybe you get it from me!

Here is a picture of my kombucha set-up. The first fermentation jar is on the left and the second fermentation bottle is on the right.

1. Make a pot of tea (about 1 L of water with four teabags) and dissolve 1/2 c sugar.
2. Let cool to below body temperature; add to a large, clean jar, and add SCOBY. 
3. Cover with paper towel or a cloth to keep dust out. Leave on the counter top. Label with the date you started the batch.
4. After seven to ten days, decant the liquid into a storage jar or bottle which has a lid. Discard any slime at the bottom of the jar when transferring liquids. Add fruit or spices for a second fermentation of two days on the counter top. Release the pressure every morning and evening, as bubbles will build up. Move to fridge and enjoy. 
5. Make a fresh batch of sweetened tea for the SCOBY and repeat indefinitely. 
6. Take a break of three to four weeks by putting the SCOBY in the first fermentation jar into the fridge with a fresh batch of sweetened tea. 

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