Saturday, April 16, 2011

weekend links #14

food reading links:
--Bagel cutting for the mathematician (from George Hart).
--A review of the book Home Dairy, which I now want to buy (from Eat Make Read). I wish to make my own cheese. Mmm, cheese.
--Are plastic food containers too toxic to reuse? Mr Green replies (from Hey Mr Green).
--How many ways can you combine five ingredients into pairs? Indexed shows the diagram for cinnamon, sugar, salt, pepper, and mint (from Indexed).

recipe links:
--Limoncello is easy to make at home, with only two ingredients (from Sugarlaws).
--Cake baked inside (real) egg shells (from Delicious Days), reminds me of those chocolate-filled egg shells you can buy at Maison du Chocolat.
--A cake that may be the royal wedding cake (from Baking Banter at King Arthur Flour).

off-topic links:
--Making your own photo collage in Picasa (from petit elefant).
--A review of an Indonesian restaurant in Hong Kong that makes me want to visit (from Mochachocolata Rita).
--A place to get inspired--Pinterest. Here's the food and drink front page.


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