Book Reviews

Leon: Ingredients and Recipes by Allegra McEvedy
Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Apron Anxiety: My Messy Affairs In and Out of the Kitchen by Alyssa Shelasky
Below Stairs by Margaret Powell
Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton
Born Round: A Story of Family, Food, and a Ferocious Appetite by Frank Bruni
Food Gurus: 20 People who Changed the Way We Eat and Think about Food by Stephen Vines
Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl
Girl Hunter by Georgia Pellegrini
A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg
The Language of Baklava by Diana Abu-Jaber
Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain
My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss
My Life from Scratch: A Sweet Journey of Starting Over, One Cake at a Time by Gesine Bullock-Prado
Season to Taste by Molly Birnbaum
The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry by Kathleen Flinn
Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper by Fuchsia Dunlop
Spiced: A Pastry Chef's True Stories of Trials by Fire, After-Hours Exploits, and What Really Goes on in the Kitchen, by Dalia Jurgenson
Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl
Toast: A Story of a Boy's Hunger by Nigel Slater

Food Writing
Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone, edited by Jenni Ferrari-Adler
An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine by Elizabeth David
Anything that Moves: Renegade Chefs, Fearless Eaters, and the Making of a New American Food Culture by Dana Goodyear
The Art of Eating by MFK Fisher
Best Food Writing 2013 edited by Holly Hughes
Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan
Extra Virginity by Tom Mueller
The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit
Food Matters by Mark Bittman
From Scratch: Inside the Food Network by Allen Salkin
A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage
Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly, by James E. McWilliams
Love in a Dish by MFK Fisher
The Mere Mortal's Guide to Fine Dining by Colleen Rush
Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor by Herve This
A Moveable Feast, essays published by Lonely Planet
The Pleasures of the Table by Jean-Anthelm Brillat-Savarin
Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky
Spice: A History of Temptation by Jack Turner
Smart Chefs Stay Slim by Allison Adato
The Soul of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman
Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brule: How a Founding Father and His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine to America by Thomas J Craughwall
Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
Blessed are the Cheesemakers by Sarah-Kate Lynch
Heartburn by Nora Ephron
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin


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