Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food Blogger Connect

I had a brilliant time at Food Blogger Connect on Saturday. It was hosted at the Levant restaurant near Bond Street. The food was delicious! Since then I have been reading and researching Muhammara recipes--a Lebanese red pepper and nut dip that looks simple to make and was really tasty. And I think the aubergine in my pantry will soon become baba ganoush. Alessio (above) and I tried everything on the buffet table, sharing our few critical comments, but primarily exclaiming over each item.

I know that the talks after lunch will make me a better blogger. Meeta talked about food photography and now my heart began to hanker after an entry-level digital SLR camera for Christmas. I was really struck by her shots of her photo "studio" and I've already started using white card for a bounce and stacks of cookbooks for a tripod. She described how she styles the food, which is something I haven't done before--naively thinking that au naturel was a good look. But I have decided that making the food look so tasty you start to drool is probably more effective! I'm on the look-out for vintage cutlery now, and I will also be plating smaller portions when I take photos.

Kang talked about taking photos in low light and solidified my desire for a camera where you control the shutter speed and settings yourself. On his post about Food Blogger Connect you can see what a great job he did with the really low light in the restaurant.

Jeanne and Jamie talked about finding your voice when blogging. I think that I am a cook who writes, rather than a writer who cooks. Knowing how to get my ideas across sometimes seems quite hard. So I appreciated the thoughts about staying true of yourself. I used to quite enjoy (non-food) writing, so I hope that I can regain that enjoyment of the craft of writing.

The best part of the day was meeting and chatting with all the other food bloggers. Sarah, in the second photo, and Carly, above, were only two of the many to whom I introduced myself. I'm glad I met Sunita, from whom I first heard about the conference. I feel much more like a part of a community and I can't wait to learn more from all of you!


Daily Spud said...

It was lovely to meet you at FBC Sarah and good luck with your future blogging endeavours. As for muhammara, I adore the stuff and have a recipe on my blog which you can add to your research :)

Greedy Diva said...

Sarah - Great to meet you too! Sorry - I accidentally deleted your comment from my blog and can't seem to get it back up! Technical genius.

chow and chatter said...

so pleased you had fun been watching it all unfold on twitter Rebecca

AlessioFangano said...

It was a great day indeed! We make such a great group all together, nothing can stop us!! :D
I'm very glad to have met you :-) Let me know about your experiments with the Muhammara :)

Jamie said...

Sarah, thanks so much for the great write up. We were all so happy to have you at FBC and get to know you! I loved meeting you and having the chance to talk. We have really created a great family and it's only the beginning!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

you are too cute! wish we had more time with each other! it was a brilliant day indeed! looking forward to the next one in 2010!

Mowie said...

It was so nice to meet you Sarah, even though we really didn't spend enough time talking to each other! So glad you could make it and we really must meet up again soon!

Jeanne said...

Good to meet you (albeit briefly!) on Saturday, although I can say that your attentive, smiling face was one of the ones that I really remmeebd standing out in the audience while I was speaking! Glad you found our talk to be useful - writing is such a personal process that we often forget that there are other ways of doing it and it's good to hear another take on it occasionally. And agree - the best thing abotu Saturday was the feeling of community - long live FBC!

bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets) said...

Sarah- It was lovely to meet you even if only briefly! Hopefully we can create a meet-up between now and FBC10 for the london crew. Would be good to catch up and talk more! Talk soon xx

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Hi meals with Sarah....it was nice to meet you at FBC. See you next year, off to read your nut bake recipe!

Sarah said...

Wow, everyone! I went to work and when I came home I see that you all came visiting. Thanks!

@Daily Spud: Thanks for the link. I really liked that muhammara, and I'll use your recipe when I try it soon. I will let you know how I get on.

@Greedy Diva: Haha! I'll go back over and leave you another comment. I'm glad we could meet on Saturday.

@Chow and Chatter: I like the look of your Thanksgiving sweet potatoes with black beans. Thanks for visiting and I'll visit again soon.

@Alessio: I loved meeting you. Thanks for letting me share your food and for being unmoved by the notion of any germs involved. :) Muhammara is on my to-make list. What's on yours?

@Jamie: Thanks for the inspiring ideas. Today I have been thinking over your idea of the wardrobe of writing styles.

@Meeta: Yesterday I took my best ever food photography shot, thanks to some of your advice!

@Mowie: Thanks for making me feel welcome as soon as I walked in the door of Levant.

@Jeanne: I am taking your advice to get involved in the food blogging community. Thanks for the wisdom!

@Bethany: What a great job you did. I can't wait for some informal London events and also the continuing chatter over the next few weeks.

Unknown said...

Hello! I don't think we managed to speak properly on Saturday but I'll see you on Twitter! Thanks for sharing more pictures.

Nic said...

Hiya! Even though I don't think there was enough time for us to talk on that Saturday, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your write up and hope we can meet properly at FBC2010!

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