Monday, December 29, 2008

new gadgets

Paul gave me a new cookbook for Christmas--yay! That means more tasty ideas for meals are in my future! It is Jamie's Dinners by Jamie Oliver. Because he bought it in Canada, it is the North American version, where the ingredients are converted to cup measures, which I find a lot easier. And I went out and bought two new kitchen gadgets; one was this new palm peeler. It slips onto one finger and then you hold it in your palm. Ant and I both tried it out and found that it worked well once we got the hang of it.

And we also bought a lovely mini mandoline--which has a very sharp double-sided blade in the centre. It makes perfect eighth of an inch slices, as seen in these photos.

On Christmas Eve Ant and I were out with Mum buying our vegetables for our special dinner. We were at Farmer Clem's and we saw this fantastic squash! I wish we had bought it but really, we would be eating squash for days.


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