Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pancake day

Ant and I had a little pancake picnic after dinner today. I used a recipe I have been saving for several weeks from the NY Times blog, Bitten, by Mark Bittman. They were the tastiest pancakes I have ever eaten. A bit fussy, though, with egg whites to be beaten separately and three dirty bowls in the end. But they were so yummy!

We ate them with fresh lemon juice, whipped cream, and maple syrup. So decadent. I told Ant this was my one big treat this week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

relationship with food

It doesn't take long to see that I am very interested in food. I love eating it, cooking it, talking about it, photographing it, and reading about it. I eat healthily most of the time--although in recent years I have allowed myself the adult pleasures of more chocolate, more alcohol, and more junk food. (This has happened because I started taking advantage of adulthood. But having a more humble view of myself (as a child) had its benefits.)

No I have come to realise that I think I eat too much. I do eat a lot of healthy things. I eat porridge or non-sugary cereal. I eat plain yogurt or cottage cheese. I eat salads and low fat sandwiches. I cook and eat pretty balanced main meals in the evenings. But I do eat massive portions and my mouth is always hungry for more variety. Yesterday I baked muffins and ended up eating about four of them.

So I believe the time has come for a food diary. I need to learn a few things:
--that feeling bloated at the end of the day (or at other times) is not a comfortable feeling
--that I can have healthy variety in smaller portions
--that food can be enjoyable and not a burden

courgette muffins

Since we both stayed home from work today, we kept ourselves busy with the internet, books, a movie (Michael Clayton), a bit of TV, some organising, and cooking. I made these zucchini/courgette muffins to eat with tea as we curled up under the duvet on the couch. They were a bit dry and I ate mine with Greek yoghurt.

For supper we had some slow-cooked beef and a coleslaw (recipe from Sarah's gift of How to Cook Everything).


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