Saturday, July 31, 2010

weekend links #2

food reading links:
--An article about how to get enough iron as a vegetarian (from Vegetarian Times).
--Some really excellent advice about how to make the most of your freezer, inspired by my virtual mentor, Mark Bittman (from Sarah Wilson).

recipe links:
--These little snack balls look like a great afternoon snack, made with dried apricot and coconut (from Steph Chows).
--There's so much talk online recently about canning and making jam. For example, making your own pickles (from Simply Recipes), and this whole website I found recently devoted to topic of preserving called Punk Domestics. There's even instructions on how to fake pickles with no resting time, in case you want to look domestically punk without the wait (from Mark Bittman)!
--What about "Yogurt Unplugged" as a recipe title (from Midwestern Exposure via Punk Domestics)?

off-topic links:
--Here's a resistance band workout that I could do in my living room (from Shape). I think I should get used to it so I can use it for exercise when I travel.
--The first article in a series about photography: exposure (from White on Rice Couple).
--Also, this concise overview of manual settings for food photography (from the NY Times)


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