Thursday, July 22, 2010

"ants on a log" for grown-ups

When we were children we used to eat Ants on a Log--that most North American of snacks. A stick of celery, filled with spreadable, flourescent Cheez Whiz, and dotted with raisins. Delicious. I see (from the "inter-tubes") that most kids made this with peanut butter, which seems like a health improvement to me. Maybe I just wanted a more glow-in-the-dark log than they.

Ants on a Log for adults is just as easy: fill celery with pistachio nut butter and stud with raisins. Pistachio nut butter, as I recently discovered, is easy to make and very, very tasty. Whatever volume of nuts you use, you get half that volume in butter. Just grind them up in a food processor with a few drops of oil. You could make it moments before scooping it into the celery sticks.

Don't you think these would make elegant appetisers? But they are just as good as the after-school snacks of my childhood.


azelia said...

You know I had to read that carefully just in case you were really talking about ants since here in London we can buy real ants coated in candy and lollipops, or covered in chocolate!!

Like the idea of pistachio butter.

AnnaMcC said...

I am loving the new header pic!

Also, I agree that pistachio makes for a great celery combo. yum!

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