Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tahini, Cumin, and Buttermilk Marinated Chicken Thighs

I am relatively new to chicken thighs. But now I have realised that they are beautifully moist and tender. In fact, I think they taste like real chicken in a way chicken breast never will.

Tahini is one of my long time favourite ingredients. I love its nutty taste and I find it is quite versatile. When you start throwing it in things, you realise that it can make a nice saucy texture to a finished dish, or give some depth to a dressing, or add bulk to a dip. It's a key ingredient in hummus and baba ghanoush.

Today I'm sharing a recipe that combines chicken thighs with tahihi, along with buttermilk and cumin. It's dead simple: mix up the liquids, then coat the chicken, and bake it. Although the word "marinade" is in the title, there is no waiting time with this recipe.

The recipe is here, on Laws of the Kitchen. (It was originally a recipe for Wednesdays with Donna Hay, but I missed the correct posting date.) Enjoy!

Do you cook with chicken thighs?

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