Friday, April 11, 2014

Art in the Kitchen

There are a few items of art in my kitchen. Out of the three things I am going to show you, two are food-themed and one is not.

The postcards above are from Ikea and have appeared on this blog before: three years ago when I gave you a tour of my Hong Kong kitchen. (The postcards were brought along when we moved to Singapore last year.) I love these postcards; I had them laminated so they would last longer in the kitchen.

This poster shows items from a traditional eighteenth or nineteenth century English kitchen. It is actually a sheet of wrapping paper that I bought at the museum at Number One Royal Crescent in Bath, England.

The items on the poster include a moulded sugar cone and sugar nippers, for portioning the sugar. There is a pewter plate, wooden butter stamp, and a salt-glazed mould with a raised swan.

Below is my favourite fridge magnet. The slogan is "Better get home to the trouble and strife." This is a Cockney rhyming slang saying. "Trouble and strife" is slang for "wife"! Anthony says this phrase when he leaves work sometimes; haha!

Do you have art in your kitchen? It is food-themed?

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