Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend Links #35

Weekend Links is a way of sharing all the engrossing things I see around the internet. I publish Weekend Links approximately every two weeks. As usual, I welcome your ideas and feedback.

food reading links:
--About food advertising and branding partnerships that target children (from Adventures in Local Food). Did you know that McDonald's recently had a computer game that to play you needed codes from Happy Meals? And it increased McDonald's overall American sales by 18%?
--"Are there really foods that we don’t like, or just foods that we haven’t liked yet?" A piece from the New York Times about coming to like foods you previously hated.

recipe links:
--Creamy and cheesy Brussels sprouts and shallot dip--an adaption of the classic spinach and artichoke pairing (from Minimalist Baker). A much improved adaption, in my mind.
--Noodles made from peelings of celeriac (from Mark's Daily Apple).
--Roasted cauliflower and parsnip hummus (from Summer Tomato). It's bean-free but includes miso and tahini.
--A grilled cheese sandwich, made with banana bread, brie, and chocolate squares (How Sweet It Is). Wowzers.
--I just leaned that it's cleaner (for your kitchen) to fry bacon with a little bit of water (from The Kitchn).

off-topic links:
--Oh, my, this kitchen organization is just incredible (from The Kitchn).
--The Small Things blog is a beauty and fashion blog written by the down-to-earth, lovely Kate. Check out her survey to find out more about her readers. Hilarious!
--Yoga may not help you burn calories but it may contribute to weight loss (from Spark People). See also: how prayer can help you lose weight (from Huffington Post).
--Read this highly informative post about how the colouring of your hair, skin, and eyes means you may not look that great in a black and white outfit (from Bridgette Raes).

What engrossing things have you seen around the internet?

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