Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Portrait With Your Favourite Food

I'm going to assume that since you read food blogs, you take pictures of food. Do you take pictures of yourself with food? Yes, all food lovers do, don't we? I certainly do!

These giant peaches were on the side of the road in Cromwall, New Zealand. We were travelling along the highway and I pulled over with a screech to take these pictures. My husband, Anthony, has learned to indulge these kinds of things!

I took this selfie with cherries one weekend recently when I discovered Anthony had been grocery shopping. What good fortune to find a punnet of cherries in the fridge! My day was made.

This picture of Anthony is on our fridge. "Sausages, where would you be without 'em?" He is a sausage lover--his father was a butcher when he was a child. He would be perfectly happy if I cooked him sausages or bacon every day.

Do you take portraits with food?

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