Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sparkling Ginger and Lime Crush

As part of Thanksgiving dinner, I made this easy drink. It's my first foray into making a "house cocktail". We also served other drinks, but everyone tried and enjoyed a glass of this sparkling beverage. It's markedly gingery with a hint of lime.

I made it with part plain water and part sparkling water (in about the ratio 1:3) to make it lightly sparkling. When sparkling drinks have too many bubbles, they just go up my nose and destroy my imbibing enjoyment. This ginger and lime crush is enjoyably bubbly.

Sparkling Ginger and Lime Crush
adapted from Paleo Cooking for Elana's Pantry
serves 8

6 T roughly chopped ginger
1/2 t stevia powder (or 1/4 c sugar)
200 ml vodka (optional)
up to 2 L sparkling water
4 limes, quartered

Combine the ginger, stevia, and 2 c (500 ml) water in a food processor. Blend until well combined.
Pour through a sieve and discard the ginger solids.

To serve, pour 1/4 c to 1/2 c (60 ml to 125 ml) of the ginger mixture into a glass with several ice cubes. Add 25 ml of vodka, if desired. Top with sparkling water.
Squeeze the juice of a quarter lime into each glass, then place the spent lime quarter and another new one into the glass.

Do you like bubbly drinks?

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