Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feta and Eggplant Meatballs

This is the tastiest meal I have ever made.

When I served these meatballs to my husband he took a picture before beginning. Then he took a bite, put his fork back down again, and moaned. "Ooonh, my!" Pause. "Wow, that is amazing." Pause. Gentle, low intake of breath. Then a little sigh.

I took a bite too, and had to agree. The meatballs were beefy brown on the outside and soft inside. Tiny diced, roasted eggplant made them moist. The crumbled feta lent a bit of saltiness and creaminess. As for supporting flavours, there was parsley, mint, garlic, and a tiny bit of lime zest. All in all, an incredible combination.

It's been a long time since my husband has reacted that way over dinner. He always gives his honest opinion and I often get thanked when the meal is tasty. But we had to agree that these meatballs are the tastiest meal I have ever made.

The recipe is from Donna Hay and is part of our Wednesdays with Donna Hay blogging group. If you want to join us, next week we are making Coleslaw from Modern Classics 1. Visit the others in my blogging group to see if they liked the recipe: Margaret from Tea and Scones, Gaye from Laws of the Kitchen, Kayte from Grandma's Kitchen Table, and Chaya from Bizzy Bakes.

What dish makes you moan in pleasure?

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