Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One-Pot Cooking: Greens with a Poached Egg

We have been moving this past week, hence the dearth of updates. Everything in the kitchen was getting slowly put in boxes, making cooking meals increasingly difficult. When I only had one pot left, I cooked myself this poached egg at the same time as boiling a few greens. Thankfully the toaster was also still out of its box, so a meal was made.

I realised while moving that there were more kitchen boxes than anything else! I packed a full plastic tote box of oils and vinegars, for example. It may be time to cut down on my clothes and books, but I use almost everything in my kitchen, from the flexible muffin pans to the yellow silicone egg poacher. Now I am happily unpacking and organising in my new cooking space.


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