Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lobster Dinner

While in my parents' home city, I want to eat all the seafood I can. One highlight has been indulging in Grammie's seafood chowder. It's a chunky, milky soup filled with haddock, lobster, and scallops with a few potatoes thrown in for good measure. Our main Christmas meal was turkey, obviously, but our small family meal on Christmas Eve was maple-glazed salmon that Ant and I made. But a visit to Nova Scotia is not complete without a lobster dinner.

Last night Ant and I went over to Sonya and Kevin's for my once-a-year lobster feast. I picked up the little squirmers at the shop and we served them with simple mashed potatoes and Caesar salad. (All lobster really needs to be delicious is melted butter. No side dishes are essential.) Cooking lobster is really easy. Just boil a large pot of water, add the live lobster (head first), and bring the pot back to the boil. After ten minutes they are ready. Eating lobster is not so easy. It requires a whole host of cracking, poking, and crushing implements. Better yet, beginners should have a guide the first few times! It is also messy and so a bib or large cloth napkin is highly recommended.

We finished off our meal with some chocolate chip cookies that Claire helped me bake. They were from The Oat Bran Baking Book that I got for Christmas, so they were low cholesterol (though not particularly low sugar!). The rolled oats and oat bran gave them a satisfying crunch. Kevin and I agreed that with less sugar they would be just as tasty, and no one would ever know the difference since the chocolate chips are sweet enough.


Unknown said...

I love lobster but not had it many times. Did you hear them scream when they were cooked?

Kitchen Butterfly said... I want some.....Have a blessed season.

Shannon J Skafte said...

Lobster is my favorite!! Even though I live in Nova Scotia, I only get a Yearly Lobster... I have mine on Mother's Day!

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