Sunday, September 27, 2009

almond and apricot cake

"Yes, dear, looks yummy," was what I said when Ant passed me a recipe for Almond, Amaretto, and Apricot Cake. Ant tasted it at work when a colleague's wife cooked it for the team and Ant asked for the recipe. Not to cook it himself, oh, no, but for me to bake for him.

After assembling a fair few speciality ingredients, I had a try. The preamble of the recipe (from Waitrose) says it has an intense apricot flavour, but I found that the almond flavour was more prevalent. Almond ingredients are certainly more plentiful, with amaretto, marzipan, ground almonds, and flaked almonds all included.

In the end I took the cake to work for my colleagues! Ant had a slice the night before, though. I took in the topping in a little plastic box: a delicious mix of Greek yogurt, cream, and apricots.

Inevitably, I now have a problem of sorts: what to do with all the leftover speciality ingredients. I have this block of marzipan, for example. I have never cooked with marzipan before, and we don't really like it as a cake topping either.... Hmmm. I suspect that using the amaretto won't be as troublesome.

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Jayme said...

You might not like the marzipan as a cake topping, but I bet your tutor group would!

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