Friday, October 23, 2015

Easy Ideas for How to Eat Grain-Free

Over the last two years I have transitioned from a pretty normal Western diet to eating grain-free. I discovered that my body functions better without grains. I did some two week elimination tests in order to come to this conclusion. For me, avoiding wheat is the most important, but I also don't eat oats, barley, rice, and corn. From time to time I eat a bit of rice or corn because they affect me the least.

Many people seem to be coming to the same conclusion as me. If this is you, or you are curious, here are some hints.
  1. Try one or two weeks without wheat (or other grains). Do you feel any better? I particularly noticed a change in my digestion and feelings of bloat.
  2. Try eating only one meal a day with wheat (or other grains). Do you feel any different? This is what I did for the first few months after I realised I felt better without wheat. I wasn't ready to completely stop eating it, so I just tried to eat wheat once a day. That allowed me to focus on learning how to change my dinner habits first, then breakfast and lunch.
  3. Learn how to have breakfast without grains.
  4. Try tapioca flour for grain-free muffins with a nice, springy texture
  5. (pictured).
  6. Get a spiralizer and enjoy the fun of zucchini noodles - also called zoodles! In the UK they are courgette noodles - courgeoodles! Haha.
  7. Instead of cakes for dessert, stick with chocolate mousse, pumpkin custard, or grain-free cheesecake.
  8. Wrap your burgers and taco fillings in lettuce cups, an omelette wrap, or grain-free tortillas.

After I started eating grain-free, I learned more and decided to eat high fat as well. I used Healthful Pursuit's book, The Keto Beginning to help me. It's invaluable!

Do you eat grain-free? What are you biggest challenges? What are your grain-free successes?


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