Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Daikon "Risotto" with Spinach, Feta, and Pine Nuts

I have so many ideas to share about how to eat more vegetables! Recently I have been replacing different parts of our meals with vegetables. Last week and this week I made vegetable "risotto". Last week I made turnip rice for a red wine risotto and this week I am sharing a recipe for daikon rice. Daikon is a little like radishes in taste and like a rolling pin in size. It is quite crunchy when raw and cooks up quickly. This risotto made an excellent weeknight meal.

Daikon "Risotto" with Spinach, Feta, and Pine Nuts
adapted from Inspiralized and Donna Hay
serves 2

1 medium daikon (about 300 g)
40 g butter
50 g baby spinach leaves
100 g feta (1/2 c when cubed)
1/2 c (75 g) pine nuts

Make the daikon rice by grating or by spiralizing and then pulsing in a food processor. Place into a fine mesh sieve and squeeze out as much water as possible.

Melt the butter in a large pan. Add the daikon rice and cook for five minutes. Add the spinach and stir until wilted.

Remove the pan from the heat and sitr in the feta and pine nuts.

This dish is part of our Wednesdays with Donna Hay blogging group. If you want to join us, next week we are making slow cooked beef ragu from Donna Hay's website. You are welcome to join us, no long term commitment is required. Visit the others in my blogging group to see if they liked the recipe.

Do you like eating vegetables?

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