Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sarah's Wine Project Starts Today

Do you know much about wines or keep a wine journal? I know nothing about wine! I have decided it is time to finally start keeping track and learning about wines. At the moment all I know is that I like most wines! I usually prefer white because I like chilled wines.

On the advice of my sister-in-law, who worked in a wine shop, I've decided to pick a varietal to start with and concentrate on it until I get to know what I like. So I've decided to mostly try pinot gris wines (pinot grigio in Italian) for a while. I had the first one with dinner tonight and here are my notes.

Wine: Friuli
Varietal: pinot grigio
Vintage: 2012
Producer: Romio

Price: SGD 20, from Cold Storage
Date tasted: 21 January 2014
Food: leftover Indian takeaway and spinach salad

Appearance: very light, straw yellow
Nose: grassy, simple (the label said apple and pear but I couldn't smell those)
Taste: clean, mildly fruity, delicate, acidic crisp

I don't really know how to describe the smell (nose) and taste of the wine. Actually, I find it hard to ascertain what I am smelling and tasting. I hope that in time I will learn to discern more of the smell and taste.

Do you have a favourite wine? 
How did you learn about wine?

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