Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Baking Dilemma

I stalled for a long time deciding what to make for my edible gifts this Christmas. The truth is I have a dilemma. I think the gift should be something sweet, but I no longer eat a lot of sweet things and have learned to like less sweet treats. In addition, I have almost completely given up grains over the last year.

Grain-free and low sugar desserts (like grain-free honey cakes) are expensive to make. And, let's be honest, they usually do taste a little bit different than the normal versions. They taste great to me -- but I know that my tastebuds have become accustomed and happy with a less intense sweet.

I didn't really want to give low sugar, grain-free gifts. I thought about it for a long time, and almost resolved to make hot sauce or mustard for all our friends. But in the end, Anthony said the gifts should be celebratory (and sugary) and I gave in. I ended up making chocolate chip cookies with everything and gingerbread hearts.

I know my colleagues are going to love their gifts! Those everything cookies are the best cookie I make and gingerbread is so festive.

I am left with my dilemma to mull over for another time. What do you think?

Do you make healthier sweets for Christmas? Or just indulge in the normal versions?

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