Monday, October 21, 2013

Quick Pickled Okra

Today I was marking a piece of student work called "Patterns in Our Lives". The idea is that we see patterns all around us, especially in design features, and there are mathematical ways to describe the patterns. This got me thinking about the patterns I see in my life more generally. As I got up from my completed marking to make lunch, I realised that I eat a variety of foods, but very similar types of dishes and meals. For example, most of my lunches are a mainly a mixture of raw or lightly cooked vegetables. This pattern of eating makes me feel energetic after lunch.

Today's lunch includes a generous serving of pickled okra, mixed with other crunchy vegetables and topped with some homemade sauerkraut. Making pickled okra was the first time I have cooked with okra, so it's a nice addition to my pattern of eating. I used a Martha Stewart recipe that involved dousing the okra in a hot vinegar mixture. As a result, the okras are just barely beyond raw towards cooked. They are crispy-crunchy, and the spices and vinegar elevate them above the stodgy, slimy okra dishes I have eaten in the past.

Is there a pattern in your eating?
Do you like okra?

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