Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Supermarket Finds (and Mysteries) in Singapore

Hello Singapore! My husband and I have just moved here and I have been settling in by finding my closest grocery store. Today I snapped some photos of things I found there. Some of them are exciting finds, others are mysteries to me. (Please chime in if you know what to do with any of them.)

How small are these limes?! (Fingers shown for context; heehee.) Wow, the large ones are not that big and the small ones are tiny! They would make cute garnishes, but could they really be used for juicing?

Fresh curry leaves look intriguing. I wonder what they can be used for? Something about Thai food is nudging my memory, but I can't remember more without asking Mr Google. (All my wonderful food reference books are still in our shipment and won't arrive for several weeks.)

Fresh lime leaves! Now that's exciting! What can I do with them?

Next I purused the fish aisle. All the fish I am used to (salmon, tuna, and cod) are crazily expensive because they are imported long distances. So I want to find local fish that we like instead. Here are a few candidates.

What is toman fish? Not sure yet.

Kembong look like cute little fish. Buying these would also require me to learn more about cooking fish whole. I want to do this soon!

Next I saw this red tilapia. Now, some American bloggers I follow use tilapia for fish tacos. So I reckon we will like this.

Last I saw this milk fish. What is that? No idea yet.

I have resisted the urge to immediately start internet searching because I wanted to show you these pictures first. Sometimes I think the internet has made my brain dull. Do you ever avoid using the internet as a source? Maybe I am just being silly.

Have you made any new supermarket finds?
Do you recognise any of my items?

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