Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Ideas

We long ago stopped debating about eating out or in for Valentine's Day. Eating out on February 14 is too expensive, with fancy, overpriced set menus. And the service always seems a little surly because the restaurant is busy and the staff would rather be elsewhere. As a result, we eat at home on Valentine's.

(The best day to go to a restaurant, we discovered, is February 15! The restaurant is much quieter and the meals are back to normal price.)

What about you? Will you or your loved one be cooking for Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas to make this romantic day easy and successful.


Pumpkin and peach salad with lemongrass dressing

Cauliflower soup with roasted red pepper swirl

Chilled strawberry soup (Sorry, no picture, it's from that far back in the Simply Cooked archive!)

Main dishes:

A romantic living room picnic

Superfood salad

Beef bourguignon

Hasselback potatoes


Honey panna cotta

Simple dark chocolate mousse

Strawberry and nutella muffins

Sugar-free frozen banana cream pie

Cranberry and date heart cut-out cookies

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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