Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Business Cards for Simply Cooked

I have ordered some new business cards today using the superb service from Moo. The card stock they use is heavy and glossy and the print quality is excellent. I have used them before and loved the results. Last week I ran out of Simply Cooked cards so I decided that it was time to order new ones with rounded corners. And I am thrilled that this time they include QR codes!

If you have a smart phone, you can use QR codes. Download a QR code reader app and then take a picture of this (or any other) QR code. Each code is unique and points to a web address or contact details. Try it with the code above! It's a great shortcut for the business cards because it turns the physical card into a digital link; no typing required. I have seen QR codes used on a workshop presentation slide (which linked to the handouts online) or on the side or a product (linked to the company's website), and even on our church bulletin (linked to their Facebook page).

Moo generated the QR code for me when I decided to use them on my cards. The whole process of making the business cards is exceptionally easy. You can have as many images as cards, if you like, and the images can be printed right to the edge of the cards. They also make mini cards (which I have used as a teacher to give to students) and beautiful stickers with your own photos or text.

I am recommending Moo cards of my own volition - though the links in this post are referral links. If you decide to order from Moo, I will get referral points which will eventually give me a discount on my next order.

Do you have a smart phone? Have you ever used QR codes?

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