Monday, May 16, 2011

cauliflower soup: the secret recipe club

I am taking part in a wonderful new blog event: the Secret Recipe Club. Each participant is assigned another blog: this month I have received Jeanette's Healthy Living, a blog that is new to me, but has quickly become a favourite. As part of the Secret Recipe Club, I have been enjoying reading Jeanette's blog, and trying out her cauliflower soup, made with two ingenious ingredients you will never guess!

This creamless cauliflower soup was the perfect first course when we had some friends over recently. (I don't usually cook dinners in courses! But the dishes I wanted to make didn't seem to all go together, so I divided them into courses: first cauliflower soup and rye bread, then pan-fried salmon with carrot & peanut salad.) I am so glad Jeanette included the roasted red pepper garnish, because it adds a great depth to the flavour of the soup. You can see Jeanette's inventive recipe on her blog; besides the more obvious ingredients, it includes a clementine peel and a ripe pear.

Jeanette's blog is an absolute gold mine for healthy eating recipes. I am so glad I found it and will be a faithful reader from now on. The Secret Recipe Club is a great way to meet new bloggers. Use the links below to see what the others tried out.


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