Saturday, February 12, 2011

weekend links #12

food reading links:
--A post about asking to visit the restaurant's kitchen while you're dining there (from The Kitchn). I had no idea you could do this and I'd like to try. But I'm a bit shy. Have you ever done this?
--I am interested in reading the book Ideas in Food, after this review by David Lebovitz.
--A bacon infographic (from Seattle Weekly).

recipe links:
--I wonder what it tastes like if you put pumpkin, cranberry, and millet together in a muffin? Find out at Cheap Healthy Good.
--Milk infused vodka--it actually sounds charming (from The Kitchn).

off-topic links:
--Geometric food photos inspire me, like the one pictured above, by Andrew Scrivani, called Bok Around the Clock (from Making Sunday Sauce). Visit his blog for scores more inspiring photos and food photography ideas.
--Would you like to adopt a word? Nora Maynard did: prandicle (from Leite's Culinaria).


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