Saturday, December 9, 2006

Christmas baking?

So far I have only heard of Sonya doing any Christmas baking. Perhaps my generation no longer bakes much. I make muffins every week or so for Ant and he requested something to take to work on Monday to celebrate a colleague's birthday. So I was happy to find a recipe on Real Simple for cookie dough that makes six types of cookies. I think that shall be my weekend project. (And of course the obligatory weekend marking.)


Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Hi sare, I agree - our generation doesnt bake and as a result we cant bake....there lies the cyclitic nature if the beast, that and it is almost cheaper to just buy it made than by the ingredients.

Jayme said...

I still bake, in fact I love it, but not having a kitchen of my own at the moment makes it rather difficult. Yay to parents who let you live with them while your husband waits for his work visa, boo to being married for two months and still not having a place of your own!

btw - this was the comment I posted earlier, but then deleted by mistake - still getting used to blogging and commenting - forgive me!

sarah said...

Monday update: Somehow I managed to do the marking and not the baking! Shocking.

Check out Jayme's new blog by clicking on her name above.

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