Thursday, November 25, 2010

a salad plate for lunch

When Anthony and I lived in London, we regularly travelled up to visit his family in Liverpool. His Nan would make us cold dinner plate so that we could have it whenever we arrived from the train. It included a little dollop of potato salad, coleslaw, some sliced tomatoes and cucumber, and a few slivers of sandwich meat, all on top of a couple of iceberg lettuce leaves. The more Ant's Nan got to know me, the salad plates evolved. Soon they also included organic walnuts and sliced avocado. And I managed to royally insult her lettuce leaves--by accident, I swear!--one day.

We were in the shops together and I remarked--offhandedly, to Ant, I think--that iceberg lettuce had no nutritional value. It's just cellulose and water. All the darker green leaves are more nutritious. Somehow this comment travelled back to my innocent Nan-in-law. And iceberg has now disappeared from our salad plates.

I looked forward to the salad plate every time we travelled to see her. Just looking at it made me feel healthier, and eating it restored my tired body after the train journey. I love the idea of presenting a light meal as Anthony's Nan does. The little piles of vegetables and other nibbles are so appealing. When I make myself a salad plate for lunch I feel special!

Ideas for your Salad Plate

chopped sticks of carrots, celery, cucumber
tomato wedges
sliced bell peppers
lightly sauteed greens with olive oil
leftover steamed or grilled vegetables

a bread item:
a slice of granary bread

a dip or spread for the veggies or bread:
peanut butter
nut butters
pureed sweet potato spread, or another veggie spread
ricotta or cottage cheese

other nibbles:
cheese cubes
pickles, pickled onions
a handful of nuts
a dollop of potato salad
a scoop of coleslaw
sliced pear, apple, or nectarine
a little bowl of natural yogurt

There are so many possibilities. What would you like on your salad plate?


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