Sunday, February 7, 2010

blogs I love

Wow--my first blog award. And it couldn't come from a more lovely blogger. I've enjoyed No Love Sincerer since I stumbled on it a few months ago. We have great chats about organic veg boxes and food reading. Thanks so much for the award!

Ten things I love:
1. Fresh veg boxes--yes, I am a veg addict.
2. Juicy oranges to eat at my desk in the afternoon
3. Crunchy, sweet apples--a take-anywhere snack
4. Hearing Ant's reaction to my strange meal concoctions
5. Reading cookbooks--my leisure hobby
6. Leafing through cookbooks in a book shop
7. Learning about food photography, and trying out new ideas
8. Dark chocolate after a long day at work
9. Reading food blogs and meeting new online friends
10. Enjoying a refreshing gin & tonic with a slice of lime

Ten bloggers who inspire me:
1. David at David Hall
2. Chele at Chocolate Teapot
3. LK at Healthy Delicious
4. Ele at Kitchenist
5. Hilary at Let Her Bake Cake
6. Nora at Nora the Kitchen 'Splorer
7. Deeba at Passionate about Baking
8. Alessio at Recipe Taster
9. Sunita at Sunita's World
10. The Urban Spork

There are also many more bloggers who have helped and inspired me. It's a pleasure to while away every evening reading their thoughts and salivating over their pictures. And I love the friendly blogger family in which I have now found myself.

The rules associated with the award are as follows: post the image, list ten things I love, and then pass the award on to ten more bloggers. Easy.


Charlene said...

Aww, thanks. I love reading your blog too!

David Hall said...

Hi Sarah

That is incredibly sweet of you and I cannot begin to tell you how much little comments such as this mean to me. I'm very flattered! Things will be changing soon on the Blog so watch this space. Take care and thanks again.

David x

AlessioFangano said...

Sarah, thanks!! You are too kind :-)

Nora said...

Thank you so much Sarah! And some great other nominees - have just been having lots of fun checking them out. :D

sunita said...

Thanks Sarah, for passing on the award, it's been a real pleasure to have known you :-)

Ele said...

Yay- thanks, Sarah!

Chele said...

Hey Sarah - thanks so much for the award! I get a kick out of finding out other people enjoy my ramblings, my blog started life as a very selfish venture so I'm glad that others get some benfit from it ;0)

The Urban Spork said...

Sarah - thank you so much for the award! You've compiled a great collection of blogs - I'm really enjoying those sites! Damion

Hilary said...

Sarah, thank you!! I have been soooo behind on my social networks and I'm only now getting around to turning my mind to this. Mmmm, I love a good G&T too :)

Deeba PAB said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sarah. I am terribly sorry for coming by so late, but my blog ran into some CSS trouble & I literally tore my hair out.
I am elated to get this beautiful award. Thank you for thinking of me.
xo Deeba

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