Wednesday, August 26, 2009

small growing success

My garden was not a great triumph this year, but! But it was better than ever before. Helen and I went out last Sunday to tidy it up and pull weeds and I discovered that my potatoes did grow. I am so proud. There were lots of leaves at first, but recently they had all been eaten. But when I started to dig, I saw that I actually had a decent number of new potatoes. Here is the whole crop: 51 potatoes in all, including 24 reasonable sized ones. Look at the little babies! I dug them up and cooked them with the others; I was determined to waste nothing that I had successfully grown.

On Sunday evening I made Ant and I herbed salmon (Nigel Slater’s recipe from the last Observer Food Monthly) with bacon fried spinach and boiled new potatoes. The potatoes were small balls of delicious success.


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