Tuesday, July 5, 2011

snapshots around my kitchen

I will soon be leaving home to go on a four week trip. This will be a really long time away from my husband and my kitchen. I will be able to talk to my husband on the phone and Skype, but, sadly, you can't chat over Skype with your kitchen. I have realised that I will miss it--even though I frequently berate its tiny size and many limitations. Here are a few shots from around my kitchen.

The first picture shows some postcards that are on the wall above my sink. They are from Ikea and I love the simplicity and beauty of the vegetables. The photos are taken by Harold Feinstein.

The photo below shows some things that don't fit in the cupboards right now. I have a few friends who have recently left Hong Kong and they invited me over the help clean out their pantries. My friends know me too well! They knew that I would be so grateful for their bottles of unusual oils, spices, and flours. I will have to use some things in order to get these new acquisitions into the cupboards, though. There just isn't space otherwise!

Haha--this is my orange dish scrubber. (Yes, I photographed my scrubber. You may commence making fun of me now.) I got it for free from the grocery store at Chinese New Year. Oranges are a common sight around Chinese New Year because the Chinese word for orange is a homonym for wealth.

I have only been to one Whole Foods store in my life and it was in London. This bag now holds the aluminium cans recycling.

Here is some Cockney rhyming slang. In the Cockney dialect, rhyming words or phrases are used, for example "Pete Tong" means "wrong", so you might hear someone say, "It's all gone a bit Pete Tong" when things are going badly. Or in the example on my magnet, "trouble and strife" means "wife".

My two most used pots are hanging next to the stove, along with a Canadian maple leaf trivet and the mandoline.

As I was copying these pictures onto my computer, I found this one of my husband, Anthony. I have no idea when he took it! How cute is that?? He has already started grumbling about who will cook for him when I am away. It's nice to be missed. :)

What does your kitchen look like? Do you miss it when you are away from home?


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