Monday, July 25, 2011

carrot recipes: best of the blogosphere

Carrots are my favourite vegetable. They are ridiculously cheap, very versatile, and oh so tasty. I love their crunch and sweetness. For about three months this year I had a daily Google alert for blog postings with carrot recipes. I am pleased to report that there are some fantastic carrot recipes out there! (And I promise that none of them are carrot cake.)

This stunning image is from the Babble recipe below.

--Inventive carrot and maple souffle (from Reluctant Entertainer).

--Carrot and cheese spoon bread (from Tiny Tables).

--Carrot, banana, and coconut soup (from Cooking Books).

--What happens when you love carrots so much you make up a breakfast recipe for them (from Heather Eats Almond Butter).

--Moroccan carrot dip (from Natural Health).

--Simple roasted carrots (from Simply Recipes).

--Jamie Oliver's evolution carrot salad (from Two Naked Chefs).

--Raw carrot and pistachio soup (from The Raw Divas).

--Lightly cooked carrot and almond salad (from a Closer Look at Ottoman).

--Carrot and ginger soup, including the beautiful photo featured at the top of this post (from Babble).

--Carrot soup and carrot muffins together (from Spittoon Extra).

What is your favourite way to eat carrots?


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