Tuesday, February 3, 2009

relationship with food

It doesn't take long to see that I am very interested in food. I love eating it, cooking it, talking about it, photographing it, and reading about it. I eat healthily most of the time--although in recent years I have allowed myself the adult pleasures of more chocolate, more alcohol, and more junk food. (This has happened because I started taking advantage of adulthood. But having a more humble view of myself (as a child) had its benefits.)

No I have come to realise that I think I eat too much. I do eat a lot of healthy things. I eat porridge or non-sugary cereal. I eat plain yogurt or cottage cheese. I eat salads and low fat sandwiches. I cook and eat pretty balanced main meals in the evenings. But I do eat massive portions and my mouth is always hungry for more variety. Yesterday I baked muffins and ended up eating about four of them.

So I believe the time has come for a food diary. I need to learn a few things:
--that feeling bloated at the end of the day (or at other times) is not a comfortable feeling
--that I can have healthy variety in smaller portions
--that food can be enjoyable and not a burden


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