Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ask Sarah

Hi everyone! I'm really pleased with the new "Ask Sarah" page that I made. See it there on the top menu bar? It's a simple Google Form that I embedded onto a page. It's a new way to communicate with me.

As well as asking a question, you could use it for many other things.
  • give me something you think we might enjoy if I researched and wrote about
  • inspire me with a recipe idea
  • tell me what you like on the blog
  • tell me what could be improved on the blog
  • report technical difficulties
  • just to say hello

I use Google Forms pretty extensively in my work as a teacher. But this was the first time I discovered that you can ask for a notification email whenever someone fills in the form. It's called "notification rules…" and it is a Tool option on the responses sheet. So now when someone submits something via the Ask Sarah form, I will get a message. How great is that?

Please try it out!

Do you use Google Forms?

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