Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meatless Meatballs

Now here's a unique way to make meatballs: with lentils and brown rice. These meatless meatballs are a good party snack or a dinner main dish with spaghetti. They are made more interesting with the addition of pesto, garlic, oregano, and paprika. They tasted scrumptious with a pesto and mayo dipping sauce.

I am always looking for new ideas and the Secret Recipe Club is a great place to get them. Each month I get assigned a blogger (in secret), make one of their recipes, and post on the same day as everyone else in the club. This month I was lucky to get assigned to The Lean Green Bean. Lindsay blogs about some great food and she also posts her weekly fitness activities. It's an inspiring mix of uncomplicated food and genuine talk. I have really enjoyed getting to know her.

I made these delicious meatless meatball following the recipe on The Lean Green Bean. They were easy and tasty. There's no need for me to post the recipe here, as I didn't adapt it much at all. Please hop over to her blog to see how easy they were.

Do you like vegetarian "meat" products?

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