Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Broccoli Recipes: Best of the Blogosphere

The first edition of best of the blogosphere contained eleven stunning and inventive carrot recipes. Next is broccoli, beloved by many, hated by a few. I've listed the best broccoli recipes here, including char-grilled broccoli below (by Deeba at Passionate about Baking). What can you do to make broccoli a favourite in your family? Try out some new ideas - no plain steaming here! And I hope you will leave an idea or link in the comments to your favourite broccoli dish.

--A raw broccoli salad with Asian dressing. And advice about which veggies you should and shouldn't eat raw (from Choosing Raw).

--Char-grilled broccoli, made by Deeba and adapted from the Ottolenghi cookbook (from Passionate about Baking, pictured above).

--Mashed broccoli and cauliflower, a great alternative side dish to mashed potatoes (from The Haggis and the Herring).

--After you use the florets for something else, use the stems to make broccoli pancakes (from Mango & Tomato).

--Purple sprouting broccoli pot pie (from Butcher, Baker).

--Broccoli frittata, a great brunch dish that can serve a big group if necessary (from Savvy Eats).

--Broccoli hummus - now, who would have thought of that? (from The Broccoli Hut)

--Pasta with a broccoli mascarpone sauce, and roasted broccoli, too. This is a clever use of the broccoli stems in the sauce, as well as the florets (from Katherine Martinelli).

--Savoury broccoli and cauliflower cake, from Kitchenist, adapted from Smitten Kitchen.

--Spaghetti with pureed broccoli sauce (from Cooking with Michele).

--Vegan, creamy broccoli soup made with ginger and avocado (from Cate's World Kitchen).

--Make broccoli into a great meal with salmon broccoli crepes or chicken broccoli crepes (from Clover Country Farms and Crazy as a Loom).

What's your favourite way to eat broccoli?

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