Saturday, May 15, 2010

tofu cheesecake

Getting settled in Hong Kong has taken longer than I thought. We moved into our apartment last week and Mum and Dad have been visiting with us. We now have a bit of furniture but our shipment of personal things and kitchen items doesn't arrive until June 7. Until then I have the rice cooker and one wok-sized frying pan. The rice cooker has come in surprisingly handy and I have used it to steam veggies, cooke egg noodles, and hard boil eggs. We have eaten out a little, but our main strategy is to just eat more simple meals.

I did want to mention this cheesecake that I tried at Starbucks last weekend: the green tea tofu cheesecake. It sounded too bizarre to pass up. It was more tasty than I thought it would be, and even Ant said it wasn't disgusting, which was high praise for a tofu item! The tofu was blended in well with the cheese and the green tea taste was delicate and only a little sweet. One of the baristas came over as we were finishing and asked if I had liked it. She replied that she often chose it when she wanted a treat but nothing too sweet. I would like to try to make it myself, much to Ant's dismay.


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