Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Thanks for joining me over here at my new cooking blog. To start things off, I have imported 57 cooking posts from the archives of my personal blog. Hopefully this means that meals with sarah will become a complete, searchable, growing collection of my experiments in the kitchen. The food here is home cooked and healthy (for the most part!).

I have been editing the old posts slightly to be more food focused and have also given some of them more descriptive titles. The full archived posts with comments about family, scenic photos, or non-food topics are still part of my personal blog. The posts here are also relabelled so that finding a recipe you remember or a new one to try should be much easier. You can use the labels or the search bar to help you do this.

Welcome to meals with sarah! The first new post for this blog is next, also published today. I love blogging and hope that you will feel free to comment with ideas, suggestions, questions, or comments.


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