Saturday, August 29, 2009

fresh pineapple

My fruit and veg box brings me seven wonderful veggies and three fruits each week. They are all organic and most are also local to the Riverford farm that supplies the boxes. Occasionally there are items from further afield (but they are never air freighted, which I really appreciate). This lovely pineapple arrived recently.

Cutting a pineapple is not something I have done before; have you? But it was not hard to do (and I did see a tutorial in How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman while I was thinking about what to do with my pineapple). First cut off the top.

Then cut into quarters and for each one, slice the rough skin away. Also remove the woody inner core.

In the end I discovered that the best thing to do with a fresh pineapple is to eat it as is! The sweet, yellow flesh is only ripe for a short time. I cut up an organic apple and threw in a handful of blackberries. A fantastic afternoon snack!


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