Thursday, July 9, 2009

upcoming baking?

I have never been a big baker. But I am starting to warm to the idea of making some bread (Mum, are you proud?). Here are a few recipes I reckon I could try since they are all rated easy in some aspect--time spent or work involved.

Irish Brown Bread--It's a quick bread, so I think it will suit me. No proving time required. And it's whole wheat.

No-Knead Bread--You mix it in the evening and bake it the next morning, in a pot. Sounds strange. It is talked about on every food blog.

Faster No Knead Bread--An adaptation that takes a lot less time.

Mother, don't be too proud, though. I am still just thinking about making bread. No dough has yet been made!


Jayme said...

I love to bake but I usually stick to cakes, cookies and pies. I always think of bread as one of those things that you have to have a real knack for, and I never dared to try it, but you may have just inspired me!

Leslie said...

What is all this talk about kneading? I never do! there is just no need for it. Just add the flour until you have enough, then stop. there is only one thing tricky about making bread and that is to know when to stop putting in flour. The dough has to have a bit of stick left - if it is completely non-sticky it's too hard. Really bread is so easy and rewarding, it's a shame that it has been made out to be hard. Just try it. And no proofing either. Just put the yeast in with everything else. You can mix it in it to the first bit of the flour when you put that in and it won't lump. Go ahead everybody - try it!

Leslie said...

Remember when you skip the proofing part to add the water that would have been used in the little "proofing" bowl to the the big bowl that you're working in. Some people like to mix on a lower surface, you can accomplish that by putting your bowl in the sink.

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