Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chipotle Beef-Topped Portobello Mushrooms

Please excuse the quick kitchen counter photo. But I wanted to share this brilliant dinner. It's a portobello mushroom topped with chipotle beef chilli and vintage cheddar cheese.

After mananging to do some meal planning recently, I have been able to actually cook from a recipe instead of throwing together whatever I can find in the fridge each night. This dinner is from Weeknight Wonders by Ellie Krieger. It's nice to pick this cookbook up again after many months away from any serious cooking.

Here's the main lines of the recipe. For details - buy the cookbook - it's excellent! Brush the portobello mushrooms with oil and bake in a very hot oven for 8 minutes. Meanwhile make a beef chilli with half of a chipotle chilli in adobo sauce. Spoon some onto each mushroom and top with a slice of cheese - then broil until the cheese melts. Serve the mushroom on top of a bowl of chilli.

It's been ages since I've joined up at the blogging group Eating with Ellie. Their theme this week is Chili Today, Hot Tamale. (By the way, "chilli" is the British spelling, "chili" is the American way. Yes, I know you were wondering, too.)

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