Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beef with Parley Pesto and Sauteed Vegetables

People are always asking me how I eat complete meals with no carbohydrates. First, I answer by pointing out that vegetables are carbohydrates, and actually I only avoid starchy carbs such as pasta, bread, and grains. Secondly, I make meals like this: full of veg and filling, too, thanks to the protein and fats.

This recent dinner is a big bowl of sauteed vegetables: onion, courgette, cherry tomatoes, and corn; topped with sliced steak, and spread with parsley and walnut pesto. This was easy to put together after making the vegetables the day before and the pesto two days earlier. I think I could make more easy dinners using this formula by throwing some warmed up cooked shrimp on top instead of steak. Os using leftover hollandaise sauce on top of creamed cabbage and a slice of fish.

I guess this is not a new idea - just vegetables, protein, and a sauce. But it makes a complete, delicious, and easy meal.

Do you have an easy meal idea to share?

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