Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brussels Sprouts with Lemon and Almonds

I found some beautiful Brussels sprouts at a grocery store near me. What a treat in Singapore - they are definitely not local food. These few sprouts cost me S$6.24, which is approximately GBP 3.25 or US$5. I made sure to enjoy every bite! I made them into my lunch: brussels sprouts with lemon, garlic, and almonds from Donna Hay's website.

Since coming to Singapore I bought my first Donna Hay cookbook! I've long admired Hay's simple food and absolutely beautiful styling. Below is the sort of image for which she is famous - this is from a recipe on her website for bacon and roasted tomato omelette. I love this photo because it is a very straightforward picture, not fussy, but nicely composed and inviting. Hay is also famous for this pale blue colour, just click through her website to see how prevalent it is. I am sometimes a bit in awe of blue in food photos; it's not at all common and hard to get right. All my photos with blue backgrounds look a bit sickly.

My new Donna Hay cookbook is Modern Classics Book 1. I was inspired to buy it because I wanted to join a group of bloggers who cook and photograph Donna Hay recipes and publish them on Wednesdays. There are four others in the group:
So this is my first post for the group Wednesdays with Donna Hay. I'm really happy to be joining them. I'm keen to try out some of Hay's recipes, study her pictures, and get to know some new to me bloggers.

Please visit my new bloggy friends to find out how their Brussels sprouts turned out: here are Chaya's and Gaye's, and Kayte's.

Have you bought a new cookbook recently?

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