Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coconut and Nut Snack Bowl

This simple snack bowl has got me through many sugar cravings. I have found that cinnamon and coconut are both tastes that I find sweet, even when there is no sweetener involved. This lovely little bowl contains almond butter, coconut oil, flaked coconut, and some walnuts, all sprinkled with cinnamon.

It was Sarah Wilson who first put me onto cinnamon and coconut. The added cup of chai tea makes it even better. I have been eating variations of this snack in the afternoons and also as a "dessert"; my main sugar cravings are mid-afternoon and late evening after dinner.

Coconut and Nut Snack Bowl
makes one small snack

In the summer, my coconut oil is liquid in the cupboard so this snack gets moistened and sticks together well. In the winter, I am too lazy to melt the oil; I don't mind the drier texture.

1 T almond (or other nut) butter
1 T coconut oil (solid or melted, however you prefer)
1/4 c (20 g) unsweetened coconut flakes
a small handful (about 6) walnuts (or other nuts)

Place the almond butter and coconut oil in a bowl. Sprinkle over the coconut flakes.
Roughly crush the nuts and add.
Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Do you get sugar cravings? Do you have any strategies to quell cravings?

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