Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sea bass with raisins and saffron

"The first bite is with the eyes," my husband teases--and this is an ugly dish. I freely admit it, this pasta and fish combination do not look as good as they taste. This Nigella Lawson recipe looked a lot better when she made it! But the four of us ate it and agreed that it wasn't "ugly in the mouth". It certainly looked terrible while it was still in the pan....

This simple recipe is just a matter of poaching some sea bass and raisins in a saffron liquid. Then I served it with pasta and pine nuts. Dead easy! Try it yourself, but don't let anyone into the kitchen to see the ugly cooking. (It looks like it's cooking in sludge, doesn't it?!) I picked this recipe so as to be a part of Forever Nigella this month, hosted by Housewife Confidential.

I served the fish with this organic spelt pasta that I found at our local shop. It does country specific "food festivals" every month or two to drag in more expats. I always try something new from each country.

What's your favourite ugly food?


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