Wednesday, April 7, 2010

tea that reminds me of home

Ant says that since arriving in Hong Kong he has not had a proper cup of tea. I have now fixed that. I think the problem was the tap water here has a very strong chemical taste to it. So I brought a Brita filter with me from London and also a big (480 count) bag of Sainsburys Red Label teabags. We have just enjoyed a tasty, proper cuppa.

I started drinking tea when I met Ant and now I am as addicted to it as any Briton. I drink tea at breakfast and tea for snack time. Tea after a meal and tea for a treat in the evening. I absolutely love plain black tea with milk and sugar, and also green tea and herbal teas. While in Canada this Christmas I discovered the Second Cup drink called "London Fog": Earl Grey tea with vanilla and steamed milk. It was like a tea latte that tasted of England.

When our shipment gets here in five weeks, we will unpack another two big bags of Red Label. I want to make some more chai tea concentrate (pictured below) to drink with mine. So we are fine for a few months. I reckon that if you come to visit us in Hong Kong, we will request tea bags!

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Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Hope you are settling in ok! I don't drink tea (a rarity amongst the English) so I wouldn't have this problem but I admire the lengths to which you've gone!

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