Saturday, January 9, 2010

healthy eating

My class was filing out of the room for break, after our healthy eating lesson. Two girls were talking quietly. "And then he said that he ate cheese strings for his lunch." "For his whole lunch?" "Yes, eight of them... Isn't that an entire packet?" "Aren't there twelve in a packet?" "Maybe, but, can you believe it? Eight cheese strings for lunch!" I had asked the class to talk to their partners about all the things they had eaten in the last 48 hours. What a revelation! And they didn't even know that some of what they eat regularly was considered unhealthy.

Then we started to talk about what made up a healthy, balanced diet. I showed some slides based on the Food Standards Agency's eatwell plate. There was obviously a bit of confusion, though, since when I asked them to draw their own plate with a healthy, delicious meal on it, I saw one boy draw chips, mash, and chicken nuggets.

We finished with a game in which students had to make a character throw up. What is it about teenage boys and puke? They love it!

Sadly this is the only healthy eating lesson scheduled for this year's PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) lessons, I think. Let's hope a few messages made it across.


literarygeek said...

I hope the messages made it across too! It seems children aren't always taught about healthy food at home.

Also, just to let you know I've blogged an award for you at my blog. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog!

Daily Spud said...

There's a lot to be said for education. So many people have become so far removed from the origins of their food that it is, as you say, quite an eye-opener to discover what they actually consider to be healthy!

Velva said...

Great lesson! I am always amazed at how removed people are from their food. I am even more amazed at what people consider healthy food. If we could just get folks to eat real food with minimal processing and enjoy everything in moderation-it would be perfect

Velva said...

I just read Daily Spud's comment and realized that we almost wrote the exact same thoughts!

sarah said...

Literary Geek, Daily Spud, and Velva: You are all so right. I'm astounded that chips are thought to be healthy by my young charges... "But it's a veg!" they say. But it's not just the kids, I think. We need to eat more Real Food, as it's now being called!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Sarah, rightly said. I don't know what happens to kids and teenagers.....and I'm thankful you spoke!!!!! I guess the sheer abundance of fast food has warped senses of healthy versus available!

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