Saturday, October 3, 2009

food talk with thirteen year olds

I have a tutor group of thirteen year olds. Today before the morning bell went three of the boys came up to put down their bags and stopped to talk with me. They were telling me about a really spicy curry one of them had tasted--"full of peppers in vinegar, Miss, a whole bottle!" I told them that when I eat a really hot curry I usually need a tissue to blow my nose while my eyes are streaming and I'm drinking milk. Another lad mentioned that his dad likes to order in curry with chips, and the chips from the curry house are the tastiest ever.

"What makes them tasty?" I asked.

"Oh, you know, how nice they are when they are soft inside but crunchy outside!" And another boy piped up about how he has been to "TIFG Fridays" once.

"I love their Oreo milkshakes," I replied. He agreed, and this got the boys onto all their favourite milkshakes.

Then one said that he likes to eat a massive burger when he goes out--"so big it's heald together using a stick!" I said that I had a burger like that once at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen chain and I had to eat it with a knife and fork.

"Oh, no, Miss, I just squished it down and opened my mouth wide," he demonstrated for me, "...and shoved it in there!"

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sarah said...

Hmm! Dad forwarded me this link to a recipe for TGI Friday's Oreo milkshakes. It seems I can now buy Oreos here, so I might have to try it.

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